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  • How Does Baby Vida Work?

    Baby Vida oxygen monitor has gained in popularity in no small thanks to its revolutionary approach to monitoring a baby’s breathing and overall oxygen levels with ease. But how does this breakthrough technology actually work ? And how does it all come together to create an industry-leading baby monitor device? It Begins with Engineered Science Baby Vida is the brainchild of Mollie , a mother who ...
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  • Why You Should Consider a Getting a Breathing Monitor for Your Baby

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how your newborn child was doing at all times? This is the ideal that every parent hopes to achieve. Our maternal and paternal instincts demand that we try our best to make it happen. In the past, baby monitors that use a camera could basically only show how your baby was sleeping, or whether or not the little rascal was trying to escape the crib again. A baby ...
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  • Your Baby's Sleep Needs During First 1-3 Months

    Ask any parent of a newborn what their biggest parental struggle is, and it is probably getting their baby to sleep through the night. If you find you are struggling with this, understanding what changes your baby is going through might help you meet their needs during the first one to three months. They’re Still Developing a Circadian Rhythm During the first months of your baby’s life, they are ...
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  • Baby Sleeping Tips from Fellow Parents

    Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Do you wake up exhausted for work after waking up every hour to your baby crying the night before? You’re not alone. At Baby Vida , we understand how you feel, which why we have reached out to fellow parents for tips on helping your baby sleep soundly. Don’t put off bedtime: You might think putting off bedtime until your baby is ...
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  • Sleep Guidelines for Babies and Toddlers

    As a parent, you understand that babies and toddlers require a lot of sleep for benefit of their growth and brain development. However, do you know exactly how much sleep is necessary? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a Statement of Endorsement supporting the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines which outline the duration of recommended sleep for children from ...
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  • Tips for Safe Sleeping

    Once we created our Baby Vida Smart Monitors , we have been dedicating ourselves to educate as many parents as possible about the importance of safe sleep for their babies and toddlers. We want to provide informative resources regarding safe sleeping techniques because we truly care about you and your family. The following are essential tips to ensure that your child is getting a safe night’s ...
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  • Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor System to Be Featured on West Texas Investors Club

    Baby Vida will appear on an upcoming episode of West Texas Investors Club . The series premieres on Tuesday, June 28 th and will premiere at 10 p.m. ET/PT (9 p.m. CT). The premise of the show was invented by Butch Gilliam and Rooster McConaughey (brother of A-list actor, Matthew McConaughey), who both become self-made millionaires based on relying on wits and grit, bucking the trends, and ...
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  • How to Get Your Baby to Sleep and Stay Asleep

    One of the most common issues parents face regarding their babies is the baby’s inability to sleep soundly through the night. You may end up watching your baby monitor all night long as your child remains active well into the early morning. However, there are a few tactics parents can utilize in order to get their babies to go to sleep at the appropriate hour or go back to sleep if they have ...
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