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Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor System to Be Featured on West Texas Investors Club

Baby Vida will appear on an upcoming episode of West Texas Investors Club. The series premieres on Tuesday, June 28th and will premiere at 10 p.m. ET/PT (9 p.m. CT). The premise of the show was invented by Butch Gilliam and Rooster McConaughey (brother of A-list actor, Matthew McConaughey), who both become self-made millionaires based on relying on wits and grit, bucking the trends, and home-grown investment.

The eight-part series will feature investors from throughout the country, including Mollie & Jeff Evans, of our very own Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor system. McConaughey and Gilliam invited our Mollie and Jeff to Midland, Texas to demonstrate the Monitor—how it works as well as its many benefits. This will allow a broader audience the chance to truly see how the device can be useful for their families.

Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor uses a sophisticated set of algorithms to track your baby’s oxygen levels and vital signs he or she sleeps. A convenient app and a comfortable monitor secured to your baby’s foot allows parents to check on their baby with only a touch of a button.

The premise of the show has Gilliam and McConaughey give these inventors the chance to grow, enhance, and even market their product by participating as investors. According to CNBC: “Rooster and Butch won’t make a deal until they’ve peered into your heart and soul – and taken the true measure of your character.”

This feature is only the beginning in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We at Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor are excited for the growth and the journey ahead. On behalf of Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor, we encourage you to tune in to West Texas Investors Club tomorrow at 9 p.m. CT!

To learn more about our Baby Oxygen​ Monitor system, feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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