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Baby Sleeping Tips from Fellow Parents

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Do you wake up exhausted for work after waking up every hour to your baby crying the night before? You’re not alone. At Baby Vida, we understand how you feel, which why we have reached out to fellow parents for tips on helping your baby sleep soundly.

  • Don’t put off bedtime: You might think putting off bedtime until your baby is exhausted will help them sleep better through the night, but it can actually make it harder for them to go down. A fussy baby can be restless and fight sleeping or wake up early. Some parents noticed the earlier they put their baby down, the longer and more soundly their child slept.
  • If your baby wakes up in the night, keep them in sleep mode: When your baby sleep monitor alerts you that your baby has woken up, your first instinct might be to sing to them or talk to them to help calm them down. Keep your child in sleep mode by avoiding eye contact, keeping them swaddled and the lights dimmed.
  • Manage sleep time: Keep track of how long your baby is napping during the day. A child who spends more than three hours napping during the day might have trouble staying asleep during the night.
  • Pay attention to their personality: There is no right way to help your baby sleep through the evening. Each baby sleeps differently. Some babies toss and turn while others stay comfortable in their swaddle. When developing your sleep strategy, it is important to pay attention to the personality of your child.
  • Get a routine going: With ever-changing schedules of you and your partner, it can be difficult to get a sleep schedule going, but it is important to develop healthy sleeping habits with your baby as soon as possible. Whether your commit to a time baby should always go to sleep, or a bedtime routine of bath, bottle, lullaby then bedtime, it can help your child recognize when bedtime is on the horizon.
  • Strategize noise levels around your baby: Contrary to what many people believe, babies do not need absolute quiet to sleep. In fact, you can strategically use sound to your advantage. One parent remarks how they made a point to not be quiet around her baby and now she can sleep through anything. Other parents have used white noise apps, fans or quiet television shows to help train their baby to sleep through the night.
  • Share sleep responsibilities with your partner: Placing the entire responsibility of putting your child to sleep on one parent can teach your child that only one parent is there for him or her. Make sure you develop a plan for both parents to share this duty.

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