How the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor Works

How Does Baby Vida Work?

Baby Vida oxygen monitor has gained in popularity in no small thanks to its revolutionary approach to monitoring a baby’s breathing and overall oxygen levels with ease. But how does this breakthrough technology actually work? And how does it all come together to create an industry-leading baby monitor device?

It Begins with Engineered Science

Baby Vida is the brainchild of Mollie, a mother who just wanted to find a simple way to monitor her child’s breathing. But the device was actually developed by an entire team of engineers who spent more than 3 years researching, testing, and perfecting it. Baby Vida uses a unique set of algorithms to monitor an infant’s breathing, oxygen levels, and heart rate through a comfortable, wireless sock that goes over the baby’s foot. This system of monitoring and reporting is known as pulse oximetry, and it has been designed to be accurate on babies who have blood-oxygen levels around 94%, which is considered normal and healthy.

Wireless Monitoring for Safety & Convenience

Baby Vida excels over many other baby oxygen monitors since it is completely wireless. There are no stray cords that could endanger your baby while he or she sleeps. Part of its wireless design includes a Bluetooth transceiver that pairs with your phone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Load up the free app on your chosen device and you can monitor your baby’s breathing, oxygen levels, and heart rate right there. This allows you to keep a close eye on your infant while you are completing other tasks around your home, giving you peace of mind at all times. If your child’s oxygen level or heart rate falls or rises out of what is considered to be a predetermined safe range, the Baby Vida app will sound a flashing alarm to get your attention.

The app also allows you to read a range of statistics gathered as your baby wears Baby Vida. This can help you get an overall idea of your baby’s health as he or she grows, but it is not meant to replace the expertise of your family’s chosen pediatrician. If you suspect your baby might have a health problem, based on the results of the Baby Vida app statistics or your own observations, please do not hesitate to contact your pediatrician immediately.

Want to know more about Baby Vida baby oxygen monitor? Feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to tell you all about it. You can also use this list of locations and online retailers if you would like to purchase a Baby Vida device.