How the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor Works

Why You Should Consider a Getting a Breathing Monitor for Your Baby

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how your newborn child was doing at all times? This is the ideal that every parent hopes to achieve. Our maternal and paternal instincts demand that we try our best to make it happen.

In the past, baby monitors that use a camera could basically only show how your baby was sleeping, or whether or not the little rascal was trying to escape the crib again. A baby monitor that relies on a microphone and speaker system is useful, of course, but only tells a watchful parent about the noises his or her infant is making. Not all problems that can afflict a child can be caught on camera or microphone, though. To be truly vigilant and protecting, a parent should also implement a breathing monitor.

Baby breathing monitors come in different designs, but new-age ones use a “smart sock” device. This is a soft device that slips over a newborn’s feet to closely monitor the baby’s pulse and oxygen levels using pulse oximetry. The information is then relayed back to a parent’s smartphone for inspection. If there is cause for alarm, an app on the smartphone will notify the parent.

Benefits of a baby breathing monitor include:

  • Constant vigilance over a baby’s health
  • Ease of use
  • Extra protection when used with other baby monitors
  • Peace of mind

If you are in the market for a baby breathing monitor, we encourage you to consider using our Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor. Developed through research and clinical testing that lasted more than three years, Baby Vida is the brainchild of an everyday mom who wanted to find an extraordinary solution to one of motherhood’s most pressing concerns. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Baby Vida, or contact us directly. You can also browse locations where to buy our baby oxygen monitor.