Frequently Asked Questions

Information About the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor

The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor is a revolutionary new oxygen and heart rate monitor. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions users have about the monitor below.

Who Is the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor For?

The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor is recommended for babies with an average oxygen level of 94% or above. It is intended for babies between the ages of one day to one year old.

How Does the OxygenMonitor Work?

By means of an advanced form of pulse oximetry, the Baby Vida Oxygent Monitor constantly gets readings of a baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. With the use of sophisticated algorithms developed specifically for this device, it can carefully take into account such factors as sudden movements and/or normal baby behavior.

What Is Pulse Oximetry?

Pulse oximetry is a method for non-invasively monitoring heart rate & oxygen levels. It works by reading the light absorptive characteristics of pulsating blood flow in the arteries to measure oxygen saturation. It is a simple, effective, and totally painless indicator.

Why Does the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor Use Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is the most portable, reliable, and accessible wireless connection available. Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is unavailable in many places and can be unreliable. In addition, your App Alarm will alert you if your baby, while wearing the monitor, is taken outside of the 60 foot connection radius.

How Long Is the Battery Life?

The battery life of the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor lasts for approximately 17.5 hours. It takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Is It Comfortable for My Baby?

Yes! Both the sock and strap are made of soft and flexible materials. The monitor and sock can be worn on their own or with sock or footed pajamas.

Which Devices Is the Baby Vita App Compatible With?

The Baby Vida App is compatible with most Apple™ and Android™ phones and tablets released within the last 3 years.

Does the Baby Vida Monitor Prevent SIDS?

The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor does not prevent SIDS. It is not a medical device. The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor does not cure, prevent, or diagnose anything. It’s only intended use is to provide additional information to caregivers.

Is the Oxygen Monitor Easy to Use?

Yes! The Baby Vida Monitor straps onto the baby’s foot and is secure in place with the soft support sock. The sock’s size is easily adjustable. Once it is in place, simply download the free app from the App Store on your device. The instructions on the App are straightforward and easy to follow.

How Does the Alarm Work?

For the alarm to work, you must have turned it on in the App. Once it is on, it will constantly monitor the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. If either or both of these drop out of the predetermined range, the alarm will sound on your smart device.

How Far Does the Monitor's Range Reach?

The paired device must be within approximately 60 feet of the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor for it to work. In addition, other factors such as walls, appliances, and metal can affect the functioning of the device. If you move outside of the connection radius, the alarm will sound. You pretend your baby’s crib is the center of a 60 foot bubble. It is a good idea to walk your house to see where you are getting good reception & where you are not before you use the device on your baby while he/she sleeps.

What Will Happen If the Monitor Falls off the Baby?

The monitor should not fall off the baby if it has been properly placed on the baby. In the very rare case that this does happen, the App Alarm will sound.

Do I need to charge the Oxygen Monitor?

Yes, before the first use, charge the Oxygen Monitor for 3 full hours.

What Should I Do If I Think the Monitor Isn't Working Properly?

For all questions, please call (402) 302-2009 or contact us.