Meet Mollie Creator of the Baby Oxygen Monitor

Mom Behind the Monitor

Meet Mollie, Creator of the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor

When Mollie and her husband, Jeff, found out Mollie was pregnant with their first child, they were excited to start preparations immediately. They immersed themselves in reading materials, attended classes, and educated themselves on how to be a good mom and dad.

As prepared as they were they also began to understand everything that could go wrong with a new baby. Mollie quickly realized that many of the scary scenarios that could happen were connected to a baby’s poor oxygen level or heart rate. Even more unsettling, there was no way for parents to know if either of these vitals were at an unsafe level.

“What Would It Sound Like if My Baby Stopped Breathing?”

When Mollie and Jeff’s healthy baby boy arrived, she did what most mothers do and checked on him constantly to ensure that he was still breathing. She had an audio and video monitor, but realized it wouldn’t alert her if anything was wrong. She began to have a reoccurring thought…

“What would it sound like if my baby stopped breathing?”

Mollie scoured the internet and went to all the stores looking for a device that would monitor her son’s oxygen level and heart rate. She couldn’t find anything for home use and devices used by professionals were thousands of dollars. Mollie began to talk to other parents and quickly found out that she was not alone in her worries—she was actually exactly like most new moms. Everyone she talked to was also in and out of their nursery, experiencing sleepless nights of constant worry.

The Need for a Oxygen Monitor

Mollie knew she had to do something about this. Not just for her own baby, but for moms all over the world. With this thought, the Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor was born. Mollie, now a mother of four, conceived the device out of love for her children, and the Oxygen Monitor became her new passion.

Mollie and Jeff went on a worldwide search to find an engineering firm who could create the Monitor. They found firms right here in the United States, who made this dream a reality. The engineers worked tirelessly for more than 3½ years to research, develop, test and clinically test this sophisticated, yet easy to use Oxygen monitor.

The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitor helps bring parents vital peace of mind.

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